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HumanXtensions L.L.C. was founded in 2000 by Scott C. Lemon as a Research and Development company, and to provide consulting services in computer and Internet technologies. Scott worked for Novell, Inc. in various roles as a Field Application Engineer, Product Manager, Technical Evangelist, and in Research and Development for over a decade, and gained experience in corporate IT working with Fortune 100 companies.  After founding and co-founding several start-up companies, HumanXtensions was created to bring that knowledge and experience to our clients.

Since it’s founding, HumanXtensions has stayed on top of leading technology and Internet trends and is constantly developing research projects that leverage these new platforms and APIs to gain experience and expertise for use in future projects. We have also taken on projects in a broad range of markets and wide range of feature sets where we are able to contribute architectural and design knowledge.

Over the last decade, HumanXtensions has accumulated a solid team of developers in Utah with strong skills in LAMP, .NET, Web and mobile development. We have also expanded our team to the Philippines where we have numerous dedicated employees who are all Computer Science graduates, mentored by our Utah team, and extremely proficient in software development in a wide range of application spaces.


HumanXtensions has the ability to work with you from concept to shipping product. Our engineers are skilled in embedded microcontrollers, sensors and actuators, hardware product design, PCB design, mechanical design, manufacturing, and final product assembly.



We are well versed in development of software solutions, from simple web portals to large, scalable business process automation. Our engineers are experienced in multiple programming languages, numerous frameworks, and integrating with existing software solutions.



HumanXtensions has been developing cloud-based solutions for over a decade, and has tracked the advancements of cloud application development up through the latest serverless trends. We have current client experience developing for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, and more.


Mobile Development

Mobile application development is a critical component of modern software solutions. With years of experience developing iOS and Android applications, HumanXtensions is able to design and develop your mobile application, and assist you through the "app store" process.