HumanXtensions has been working in the cloud for over a decade, when Amazon AWS was in it’s infancy.  Since then we have been developing solutions almost exclusively in the cloud.  As the cloud vendors have increased and broadened their offerings, HumanXtensions has continued to integrate these new offerings into the solutions that we develop.  More recently, building on our expertise in AWS Lambda, we have continued to track and implement the concepts and patterns of “serverless” computing.

Amazon AWS Consulting

Moving to the cloud can involve numerous areas of learning and planning.  HumanXtensions is able to assist you with any of these areas.  We have some clients are are just beginning their exploration of how the cloud can impact their business, and their bottom line.  Some of these projects have involved completely new implementations, but most have been companies with legacy systems and applications looking at cloud migration, or creating hybrid cloud solutions – leaving their existing systems in place, but bridging to new cloud capabilities to expand their application environment and leverage new cloud features.  Whether it is simply training staff about Amazon AWS, or assisting in plans and implementations, to creating and operating Amazon AWS infrastructure, HumanXtensions can work with you to assist at all levels.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Amazon AWS
    • EC2 / Lambda
    • RDS / Aurora / DynamoDB
    • Kinesis
    • SNS / SES / SQS
    • CloudFormation / CloudWatch
    • Alexa Applications
    • And much, more …

Other Cloud Platform Experience:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM BlueMix
  • Social Network Integration (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • SMS / Twilio / Voice Applications